7 Crochet Cube Patterns – How to Crochet

Today I will show you most popular 7 Crochet Cube Patterns from ravelry. Puppy Dog, Kitty Cat, Little Dragon, Bunny Rabbit, Little Penguin, Piggy Pig, Foxy Fox and more... Enjoy !

Here is most popular 7 Crochet Cube Patterns from ravelry. Amigurumi is a Japanese crocheting technique, for toys or dimensional objects. Learn how to crochet an amigurumi cube patterns. Very easy and quick patterns. You will have fun with these projects. It also perfect patterns for small gift for you friends or kids. These patterns are a prime example why a cubes can be the cutest basic shape to use. 

Keep scrolling down the page for crochet patterns and tutorials and Bookmark this page to visit us again. Also Be sure to save these projects on Pinterest. You’ll love these 7 Crochet Cube Patterns.

  1. Cube Puppy Dog

A Very easy and fun free amigurumi pattern to make. Can be stacked together to create a puppy tower. Who wouldn’t want a puppy tower! Check out the source here – Puppy Dog

2. Cube Kitty Cat

Super easy and fun free pattern to make. It’s so easy that you won’t stop at one kitty. Designed to be as simple as possible without compromising on the cuteness. Check out the source here – Kitty Cat

3. Cube Little Dragon

A small but fierce Dragon! It is built from a cube basic shape. It shares the same body as most of my other cube patterns just with one extra row in the middle for hight. Add a tongue for a touch of playfulness. Check out the source here – Little Dragon

4. Cube Bunny Rabbit

A free amigurumi pattern to make a cute little bunny with his carrot. If you like him don’t forget to check his other cube family friends! Check out the source here – Bunny Rabbit

5. Cube Little Penguin

Who wouldn’t like a cube Penguin! You can even stack two of them on top of each other… Check out the source here – Little Penguin

6. Cube Piggy Pig

Piggy Pig just joined the cube animals family! It shares the same basic body as most of my other patterns and it’s just as simple and cute. Chech out the source here – Piggy Pig

7. Cube Foxy Fox

Foxes are beautiful animals. This is a DOWNLOADABLE PATTERN in PDF format for a small amigurumi fox toy. You will need a pdf reader to understand it. Check out the source here – Foxy Fox

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